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Publications Word Clouds

2021.2022 Topics.png

From September 1, 2021, through August 31, 2022, Mongan Institute faculty published 1,641 articles in peer reviewed journals on a wide range of health care topics. This word cloud is a visual representation of the most commonly used keywords submitted by the authors to help identify key topics or themes in an article. Based on frequency analysis, keywords are grouped into clusters (identified by colors) representing instances in which two or more of the same keywords were used to characterize different publications.

Guide to interpreting the publication word cloud:

  • Color an an item: the cluster to which the term belongs

  • Strength of link: number of publications in which the terms occur together

  • Link length distance: based on relatedness

  • Size of circle and letters: reflects the number of uses as a keyword

The following word cloud depicts the most commonly used keywords submitted by the authors to identify key methods utilized in the research. 

2021.2022 Methods.png
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