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Mongan Institute/Disparities Solutions Center

Equity Speaker Series

About the Series

The Mongan Institute and Disparities Solutions Center are co-sponsoring the MI/DSC Equity Speaker Series. The Equity Speaker Series was created to encourage important dialogue around diversity, equity, and inclusion, in line with recommendations from the Mongan Institute Diversity & Inclusion Workgroup to create a more inclusive environment and to improve recruitment, retention, and culture in the workplace. The events are open to all MGH employees, but registration is required. 


Upcoming Speakers

There are no upcoming speakers scheduled at this time. Please follow us on Twitter and sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay updated.

Past Speakers

Daniel Dawes Photo.jpg

Daniel Dawes, JD, is a professor of health law and policy, the Executive Director of the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at Morehouse School of Medicine, and co-founder of the Health Equity Leadership and Exchange Network (HELEN). A scholar, attorney, and health policy expert in the movement to advance health equity among under-resourced, vulnerable and marginalized communities, Dawes brings a forward-thinking, inclusive and multidisciplinary approach to health policy, and has been at the forefront of recent major federal health policy negotiations in the United States. (Recorded presentation available upon request for Mongan Institute members.)

Darshali Vyas.jpg

Darshali Vyas, MD, is a second-year resident physician in Internal Medicine at MGH. After growing up in Lexington, KY, she attended Harvard College where she studied social and political theory. In medical school, she was involved in student organizing around racial justice, and last summer, she co-authored a study challenging the use of race correction in common clinical algorithms. (Recorded presentation available upon request for Mongan Institute members.)

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