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Introduction to Health Care Delivery Research

September 14-15, 2023 | 100 Cambridge St, Suite 1600, Boston MA, 02114

Are you an MGB early career investigator looking to develop your skills in health care delivery research? Do you want to learn how to design competitive research projects with a focus on health equity? Join this in-person, hands-on, interactive workshop on Health Care Delivery Research hosted by the Mongan Institute!


Our two-day workshop provides a hands-on, case-based learning experience that will help you develop the skills you need to excel in the field of health care delivery science. We'll cover key topics and methods in population health and health care delivery research, and you'll have the opportunity to learn from leaders in the field who will share their insights and experiences.


On Day 1, we'll start with an overview of the field and examples of projects from funded junior investigators. In the morning session, we will cover key topics and methods in health care delivery science. In the afternoon, we'll have two panels featuring brief presentations from funded junior investigators, followed by small discussion group breakouts.


On Day 2, the workshop will have facilitated small work-group sessions using a pre-selected problem set on a major research topic related to addressing health disparities in complex health conditions. Participants will have the opportunity to concentrate on observational research, intervention research, and implementation research, and simulate the steps involved in developing a research question, aims, methods, and end with report-outs and discussion of selected study designs. The workshop will conclude with a discussion on next steps and resources for advancing your career in health care delivery science.


Don't miss this opportunity to develop your skills and advance your career in health care delivery research!

Meet The Team

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